Austrian Extreme Bike Race

2700 km & 53000 vm



Start: 17.8.2024 9:00






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A bicycle adventure race is calling...

Großglockner Hochalpenstraße

Are you ready ?

  • 2700 km, 53000 vm. Designed by Austrian adventure racer Tanja Hacker

  • unsupported or supported

  • start and finish in Graz, the home of Cycling in Austria

  • 17.8.2024 9:00

  2700 km, 53000 verticals, mixed terrain!

Walder Alm

Austrian Extreme Bike Race  unsupported/supported

17.8.2024    9:00 Graz/Austria




Route details:


Route part 1 highlights: Südsteirische Weinstrasse, Soboth- St. Lorenzen, Koralpe, Weinebene, Hebalm, Gaberl Altes Almhaus, Salzstigel/Hirschegger Sattel ,Pack, Soboth- St. Lorenzen, Koralpe, Weinebene, Hebalm, Gaberl Altes Almhaus, Salzstigel/Hirschegger Sattel ,Pack.

Route part 2 highlights: Klippitztörl, the famous Nockbergen Hochalpenstrasse, Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse with Kaiser Franz-Josefs-Höhe with its beautiful glacier, Hochtor, Fuscherl Törl, finishing at Edelweiss Spitze.

Route part 3 highlights: Großglockner Hochalpenstraße downhill, Hochkrimmel waterfalls, Gerlos Pass

Route part 4 highlights: Wildschönau, the Hochkönig climbs, Obertauern , Turracher Höhe and again Nockberge (a different direction.) Finishing at the picturesque Prebersee.

Route part 5 highlights: Salzkammergut with all the stunning lakes. Postalm, Sölkpass, Pyrnpass, Präbichl, Seeberg,the church in Mariazell.

Route part 6 highlights: Josefberg/Annaberg, the National Park Gesäuse,, Preiner Gescheid, Pfaffensattel, Wenigzell with the Toter Mann myth, Sommeralm, Rechberg, Teichalm, Schöckl. The last hill is Eidexberg.

Route part 7 highlights: Kühtai, Fernpass Gravel, Garmisch (Germany), Seefeld, Ganalm, Walder Alm & Hinterhornalm Gravel, Achensee, Steinberg  an  der Rofan Gravel

About the Race

The Austrian Extreme Bike Race is a single stage unsupported bike adventure race through the Austrian mountains and the lakes of Salzkammergut starting and finishing in Graz. A 2800 km mixed terrain race on paved roads with some gravel sections adding up to 57000 meters elevation gain. The route was designed by Austrian adventurer Tani (Tanja) Hacker and shows all the beauty and diversity the Austrian landscape has to offer, including some very special secret places with intresting background stories. This is a race for those who love being out there alone seeking for adventure as well as for those who love competition and racing fellow riders. This race is for the international cycling community. The Abenteuer and Bergsportklub Graz is proudly looking forward to hosting this event, offering a unique adventure for all those intrested in getting to know the Austrian mountains and it´s lifestyle. We are looking forward to seeing you here next summer in Graz, the home of cycling in Austria!  

Without a big adventure race there was definiately something missing here in Austria. All the beautiful mountains and lakes are a perfect playground for adventure racing. So i decided to organize the inaugural Austrian Extrme Bike Race. Here we go. Enjoy!


                       Tani (Tanja) Hacker

       About Tani (Tanja) Hacker


  •  Defeniately adventure addicted. not limited to bikes only. Favorite parallel universe are the alps in Austria and Italy.
  • Founder of a mountaineering sports club in Graz and the Austrian Extreme Bike Race.
  • Was the first one ever racing unsupported around Germany. Known for the TABR 18 extra adventure in Wisdom and double crossing Europe in Summer 2019 (NCT19 & TCRno7 back to back).TGBR 2020 for COVID 19 relief. TABR23 DNF (Sherman's Neck)


Wo die Berge hoch und die Täler schmal,

ist der Geist oft leicht und frei.

The Race


The Austrian Extreme Bike Race route has 2800 km and approximately 57000 vertical meters, desigend across the stunning Austrian mountains and picturesque lakes, starting and finsihing in the city of Graz. A fixed route will take riders to all significant climbs and hidden secret places. Some mixed terrain parts with gravel and dirt roads included, highlightening Ganalm in Tyrol, as close to the Karwendel peaks as we can possibly get. Be ready for climbs like Nockalm Hochalpenstraße, Großglockner, Klippitztörl, Sölkpass, Obertauern... But not only mountains are waiting, the race route will take riders to Salzkammergut, national parks and river valleys as well. 


The Race is open in two categories, supported and unsupported for solo or pair riders. The Unsupported category, respecting the rules of unsupported racing and the supported category, where riders are allowed to accept supplies and spares. No pacecars allowed.




The Rules


  1. Ride the whole route in a truely unsupported or supported way in the spirit of equal opportunity

  2. No third party supply (not valid for the supported category)

  3. No drafting (only pair riders are allowed with their partner)

  4. Riders must make themselves familiar with Austrian traffic law

  5. No littering

  6. Carry a charged mobile phone 

  7. No e- bikes

  8. Riders must be at the the finish before 30.8.24 23:59 to make into the general classification

  9. No Pacecar

                             Was wissen Träume schon von Grenzen ! 


Some treats coming here...


 Schedule & Registration



Halfway Point Wörgel

sponsored by tubolito


Schedule and cut off times: 


1158.2024 Registration and bike check in Graz
16.8.2024 Registration, bike check, race briefing and pre race dinner in Graz
17.8.2024 9:00 Start of the first rider of the second Austrian Extreme Bike Race. individual starts due to Covid 19 restrictions (5 minutes between the riders)
24..8.2024 23:59 Cut off time halfway point Wörgel
30.8.2024 23:59 Cut off time finish in Graz
Registration and what you get for your money:


Registration is open for all cyclists,solo or pair, older than 18 from mid September 2022 to early August 2024 (If trafel restrictions keep you from coming to Austria, you are in for one of the following years):


270 Euro until 06.8.2024 23:59

250 Euro for those coming back (same cap number)






What`s included:


  • Official gpx files of the race for your navigational devices
  • Official old school roadbook in pdf with turn by turn navigation, roadnumbers, roadnames, distances and county boarders 
  • Tracking included
  • All race numbers and stickers for your bike, jersey and helmet (reflective for safer racing)
  • Bike box drop, bag drop at the registration. we keep one bag, box or case for you. You get your stuff back after crossing the finish line.
  • Live like a Queen/King before and after the race. Food and a place to rest and sleep after the race included. 
  • Zielschnapserl with the race organizers. it´s a local special and tradition here. we do offer a non alcoholic alternative if prefered.
  • VIP service at a local bikeshop before the race with a great discount (code:Tanja)
  • Your name in the hall of fame for those who make it to the finish in time,
  • We are asking our riders to bring a little something from their home for the party after the race :)

Hall of Fame



Tanja Hacker 2020.      8 days 7 hours 53 minutes.   2537 km
Adam Bialek 2021.       6 days 19 hours 3 minutes    2458 km
Walter Reiterer 2021.   8 days 23 hours 58 minutes  2458 km
Antoine Gary 2021.      9 days 5 hours 34 minutes   2458 km
Ed Tapp 2021.              9 days 12 hours 42 miutes   2458 km

Results 2021:



1. Adam Bialek (Germany) 6 days 19 hours 3 minutes. Adam self regulated for riding the loop up Koralpe in the wrong direction. Minor mistake, same verticals and meters. 10 minutes penalty time.
.2. Walter Reiterer (Austria) 8 days 23 hours 58 minutes. Walter made a major and dangerous mistake at Schöckl, riding the gravel section in the wrong direction. 2 hours 10 minutes penalty time. Further Walter took a shortcut leaving out 120 vertical meters at Eidexberg (self regulated), 50 minutes penalty time.
3. Antoine Gary (France) 9 days 5 hours 34 minutes.
4. Ed Tapp (England) 9 days 12 hours 42 minutes.
5. Michael (Mike) Deuts (Austria) 1173 km.
6. Jürgen Mikusch (Austria) 370,4 km.
7. Hermann Dopfer (Germany) 241,61 km.
8. Norbert Taucher (Austria) 153,49km.


Adventure and Kindness Award 2021:
Norbert Taucher (Austria). Norbert joined the organizer´s team as a race official after ending his race early, keeping the racers safe on their final kilometers.

Contact/ Inquiry 2024:

Inquiry 2024 starts September 26th 2023! Adventurers interested in racing here may drop us a line with their best cycling stories (experience) and what your expectations are. We´d love hearing from you! 

Abenteuer und Bergsportklub Graz

Tanja Hacker


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Abenteuer und Bergsportklub Graz

Liebenauer Haupstraße 77

8041 Graz; Österreich

ZVR: 1411473961

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Blog. All the things. 


Fernpass route change 2024!


We are happpy to confirm that the new route over Fernpass is in for 2024. There is not much info online, so here some insights: The Via Claudia Augusta is a bikepath from Imst over Fernpaass down to Ehrenwald and Garmisch. It starts simple on side roads through Imst (we counted 9 water sorings in Imst!), easy dirtroads go up to Nassereith (again 3 of those springs). As you make your way closer to the pass it´s getting steeper, especially after the castle up to the Plateau is  16 percent, you really need good of road skills cause the gravel path is not only steep but also junky. There is a manatory walk your bike section through the castle and then most rider will continue walking the next 500 meters. Along your pushing your bike up the ramp you can read the info along the way about old Roman times, their trading routes or just enjoy the view down the lake. It also gets fantastically narrow at times what gives you just the right adrenaline kick and is easy to ride. Where the gravel path joinss the busy main road we will just cross the road and not take the sharp steep ramp up and down on loose gravel to go under the main road but pass it directly just next to the gas station. The Plateau is a bit of an tricky up and down section before the easy gravel amd dirtroads lead down to Ehrenwald, Garisch and Germany. 


We are happy with this route change cause it fits nicely into the Western part of our race this year. Coming down from Kühtai what is a long pass, with several steeper parts just like intervall training, riders will need some time to relax and resupply on the Via Claudia Augusta to make it over the steeper part to Garmisch, then the easy way up to Seefeld, descending back to Innsbruck before going hard and steep on fantastic gravel parts up Ganalm and Walderalm again. 


We and Tyrolian locals recommand to wait another month before going to high on gravel Roads in the mounatins cause there is still a lot of snow!


See you all in August, we can´t wait!























There will be a route update after Christmas due to road constructions in West Austria (Arlberg). Merry snowy Christmas everyone! Picure: Radstadt December 8th









Scoutimg for 2026 :) Kitzsteinhorn!




Unfortunately the 2022 Edition of the Austrian Extreme Bike Race is postponed to August 2024! We had an incredibly high number of drop outs due to these chalenging times and also health problems of our RD Tanja (COVID 19 dypnoe). We truely apologize to our riders, sponsors and fans! We will be back soon for racing! See you guys in Summer 2024! 






New Event coming 2025! North America unsupported! Pure unsupportded racing from Anchorage to Toronto! A fixed route, no entrance fee, only the tracking is on the racers! sign in here for the Newsletter!


We are asking our fture heros to get in touch with us within the next month to finish their registration! This was one of two rainshowers in summer 2021! Things happen while waiting for racers :)


Don´t hesitate to ask any questions! Adventure is calling again!






Spring flowers 2022 Herzogberg/ Styria km 320




Winter is here  :) Hebalmsee !










Race Winner Adam Bialek shared his recap of the inaugural Austrian Extreme Bike Race. Once again, Congratulations Adam!




New Route for 2022 and dates are online, enjoy exploring what is coming next year!






                                            Adam climbing in Upper Austria!



Official pdoium picture 2021! My dear cycling friends, please make some noise for the amazing Adam Bialek (left), Walter Reiterer (right) and Antoine Gary (middle) !!!!!






Ganalm Gravel Section preview treat for 2022 coming hereeeeee:














Preview for 2022: A new route part West of Innsbruck is coming bringing us closer to the high peaks then ever. Don´t miss the new fantastic Ganalm- Hinterhornalm) . Offroad section! Hard facts: 2832,1 kms, 57016 vms, mixed terrain. This year`s inaugural Race will be much harder considering the hard facts of and 51000 vms. And the very best you almost don´t notice the climbing cause you are with a stunning landscape known for it´s breathtaking beauty.  Come to Austria when you love mountains!











2 days and we are on!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are ready and our racers are already resting for their bigggggg adventure!





FAQ May 2021: COVID19? Are we still on? Can i still get in if my race i wanted to do is postponed to 2022? Good Nwes. We are on and those comitted to our challange early are already in a good shape. We do not cross any borders to other countries and all shops, even those small lovely ones reopened. FFP2 masksare mandatory still in public (not for racers on the bike).  At the moment we are on 3G (vaccinated, recovered or tested negative), for instance when you want to sit and eat in a restaurant. Travel restrictions within the European Union, especially our neighbour conutries are going to lift with 3G. Testing for those not vaccinated is availabke in all bigger cities (500 meters fromthe start).  What about joining this years race? Autrian law is strict here. we (organizers and Goverment) need to be sure you are prepared and ready for this. this reduces risks of being injured, accidents and makes sure you are having a big time out there in our magnificient landscape. currently are about 25 people training for our event, we are expecting about the half of them ready for this year. deadline for those already having the GPX files, rules and race manual is end of July, if you think you are ready, contact us. caps for those who are in before july. have a great summer, enjoy your adventures and see you hopefully soon somewhere in our moutains. Tani :)




                                                                         Teichalm. captured from Schöckl May 28th



Sölkpass reopening after winter :) watch here:  http://




Austria is known for superior water quality. There are lot of springs along the route. Here are 2, the Jassnitz Quelle, right after the Teichalm downhill into Allerheiligen and the one in Faldnitz right before the Teichalm climb ( route part 6). 







Bike Paths along the route. Rules say it is up to our racers if they use the road or the bikepath. Law in Austria says it is okay to use the road for road cyclists even if there is a bikepath (there is often glass, gravel or dirt...), but however if the average not so deep thinking Austrian is racing to his work please choose the bikepath. this is one near Mürzhofen/Styria, Part 6 after the Breitenau/ Hochlantsch Climb. Just a bit slower but it is all yours.






Route inspection update. Winter was long and rough in Austria, it is still snowing but the tarmac and gravel roads are looking good so far. tTee logging at Schöckl is finished and gravel roads are open again. Some road repairs are to be expected the next weeks, some completely renewed sideroads are finsiehed in remote West Sytria around Herzogberg. Here are some pic from Schöckel km 402, part 6 and the top of the St. Hemma Climb of Part 1 right after Hirschegger Sattel.  And finally after an eternity of waiting small restaurants are reopening at May 19., so there will be resupply opportunites in our fanstaic small grocery stores and restaurants in small villages along the route :)






Wildlife. Several wolves have been seen the last week on the first part of the ausrtian extreme bike race route. so watch out for company when you are riding the Hebalm and Weinebene climb. exciting!




Great news. Our Racers will be given wings to fly up the mountains by Red Bull. All of a sudden the supported category becomes much more interesting :) we will hand wings to supported rider if we catch them! 










Orange is the new favorite color. Tubolito will support the Austrian Extreme Bike Race 2021. Category winners and the winner of the adventurer and kindness award will win some organge tubes. flats are so 2020 :D